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Beantown Coins was established in 2011 as a way to share our unique inventory and the skill of our staff with the general public. We will continue to represent the high standards of generations of merchants of our trade, and we will soon become a major presence in rare coins, online.

David Leventhal
CEO & Co-Founder

David - 300x300Our proprietor, David Leventhal, the son of a coin dealer, has himself been a full-time numismatist (coin dealer) since 1979. He has extensive experience in all categories of rare and collectible coins and brings his skill in grading to verifying our entire inventory.

David has been attending coin conventions for over two decades and calculates that he has logged hundreds of thousands of miles in the air. Known to dealers and collectors alike, throughout the numismatic industry, he is a specialist in United States and Canadian coinage.

Growing up in a rare coin family, David has been surrounded by a community of dealers, including his father and brothers.  With a life dedicated to numismatics, it would be difficult to find someone with more thoroughly developed skills and experience.

Over the years, David has handled many millions of dollars in rare coins and is a very discerning buyer. He has assisted thousands of collectors in building their collections. David has contributed to The Guide Book of United States Coins for many years, and was a past contributor to Charlton’s Canadian Guide.

S. Joseph Palmieri
President & Co-Founder

AT9A9609-300x300Originally from New York, Joe has been a Boston resident since 2003. He currently owns and operates, in whole or part, 3 separate companies: Mass Life Insurance, Beantown Coins, and 4-6S Enterprises.

With over 15 years in business plan design, implementation, and execution, Joe is well versed in executing professional, results driven marketing campaigns and has been the driving force in the success of 8 start-up companies within the past 15 years. He has several years of numismatic experience as well, and has been trained by masters in the industry.

While Joe attributes his success to understanding the bones of running a business, he admits that his specialties in branding, business management, and advertising have contributed in launching him to the top of his game. Additionally, he has vast experience in online retail, SEO, social media marketing, and public relations, areas that are part of his essential focus at Beantown Coins.

Joe is also a current member of many well-known organizations including Landmark Education, and the Freemasons, as well as being a bronze medal athlete in the state of Massachusetts.