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Selling or buying precious coins is a market of opportunities, but if you want to make a significant sale or purchase, you’ll need to be innovative. For example, the cost of coins will vary based on rarity, so ideally, you should sell or buy them at an auction or a dealer.

Are you looking for places to buy and sell coins in St. Petersburg? Beantown Coins is the place to buy and sell legit coins in St. Petersburg. We purchase, sell, and exchange collectible coins in wholesale and retail settings, focusing on high-end samples and rare dates and varieties. We specialize in US, World, and Ancient coins, as well as Exonumia, and we enjoy educating our consumers.

Whatever their level of expertise, whether they are seasoned numismatists or inexperienced family members who are settling a loved one’s assets, our clients may rely on integrity and justice as our guiding principles. We will continue to uphold the excellent standards set by previous generations of rare coin dealers, and we will establish a strong position in the rare coin market around the world.

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Tips For Selling Your Coins

  1. Don’t Be Forced To Sell. 

If you don’t have a compelling motive, don’t sell or acquire coins out of necessity or under duress. Dealers are generally discerning, and they can sense desperation from afar. When a dealer understands you’re in a hurry to sell or purchase coins, they’ll take advantage of you by offering you a lesser price. When compared to what you would have earned, a forced sale situation can cost you up to 20-30% or even more. You’ll need to take the time to prepare your coin collection and select the perfect place and time to sell to obtain a decent deal.

  1. Find The Right Time To Sell.

Yes, timing is crucial if you want to acquire the best price for your valuable coins. According to research, the optimum seasons to sell precious coins are January, July, or August. Coin buyers are in a better mood and more inclined to spend at this time. When people are planning their winter vacations or holidays, prices tend to drop.

  1. Get Your Coins Certified.

CAC-certified coins can demonstrate the coin’s value, increasing the chances of finding a buyer. Customers, especially newcomers, are more likely to trust CAC-certified coins than unlabeled coins. However, this may not be an issue for experienced coin collectors who know what to look for in currencies. However, having a CAC label will help you sell your valuable coins more quickly.

  1. Pedigree Your Coins.

It is yet another approach to inflate the value of your coins. It refers to tracing the coin’s historical journey. If it has a fascinating path that involves some well-known persons, it will undoubtedly be worth more. If your currency doesn’t have a PCGS or NGC inlay, you should mail it to them for assistance in tracking its history; it’ll be worth it in the end.

  1. Price Your Coins Smartly.

It’s also crucial to know how many coins you have and how much each one is worth. When it comes to pricing, there are several factors to consider, including the coin’s market value, its pedigree, certification, and so on. If you have a rare coin, you should sell it through high-grade rare coin dealers so that experienced collectors may receive the most excellent deal. Serious collectors will flock to a good marketplace or dealer, which could lead to outstanding prices. In a healthy market, some rare coins can be worth millions of dollars per piece.

  1. Clean Your Coins.

The way your coin looks has an impact on your chances of selling. A coin that looks excellent and has a CAC sticker, for example, is more likely to be sold than one that is dull and rusted. Such situations are known to be exploited by shrewd buyers. They purchase those drab-looking coins, send them to grading agencies, and profit handsomely from the resale value. So, don’t let your valuable coins go for a buck. Clean it up and grade it, then sell it for the best price possible.

  1. Maintain Long-Term Relationships With Dealers.

You’ll need dealers on your side if you want to be in business for a long time. One method to accomplish so is to treat those vendors who buy from you fairly when it comes to selling prices. Allow them to make a profit when they sell your coins, as well. They will, of course, continue to work with you in the future. Remember to be fair while purchasing items from other collectors. It’s because of this symbiotic relationship that you’ll always have a supply of coins and a place to sell them. You’ll have a steady stream of customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Should You Consider When Buying Coins?

When choosing which coins to buy from a coin dealer, keep the following criteria in mind:

  1. Grade

The quality of a coin is quite essential. The amount of wear on a coin is measured through coin grading. The lower the grade of a coin, the more wear it has. Uncirculated coins show no signs of wear.

  1. Attractiveness

In coin collecting, eye appeal is a highly subjective concept. Coins with numerous nicks, cuts, scrapes, and bruises, on the other hand, tend to rate low in the visual appeal category among most coin collectors.

The location of scratches, lines, and other flaws is also essential; a scrape across the writing or date is much more upsetting to most coin collectors than the same damage hidden within the eagle’s feathers.

  1. Color

Incredibly dark coins are not valued as highly as coins of the same sort that are of a regular tint. Ones with a uniform color tone are likely to attract more purchasers than coins with a splotchy color tone.

  1. Price

Yes, price does matter to coin collectors as well! Check out coin pricing guides, which tell coin collectors the current market rate for most coins. While coin collectors are often prepared to spend more than the average for a precious coin or one superior to the majority in its grade, no one wants to be taken advantage of.

  • Is It Necessary To Clean Coins Before Selling Them?

No, it is not necessary to clean coins before selling them. While you might believe that cleaning a coin with years of dirt and grime would increase its value, the contrary is true! Cleaning a coin may cause it to get damaged, lowering its value. If you do decide to clean it, make sure a professional takes care of it. Doing it on your own may irreversibly damage it.

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If you’re looking for a reputable coin dealer in St. Petersburg to Buy and Sell Coins, look for further than Beantown Coins. We are the leading coin dealer in St. Petersburg, and we’re here to get you the most fantastic deal in town. If you come to our store today, we’ll make you an offer so you may transform your old coins into cash without delay!

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