Beantown Coins was established in 2011 as a way to share our unique inventory and the skill of our staff with the general public. We buy, sell and trade collectible coins, with a focus on premium quality examples and/or scarce dates and types.  We deal in US, World and Ancient coins, Exonumia, as well as Fine Jewelry, and we happily educate our customers along the way. Whether they are experienced numismatists, or novice family members who are settling the estate of a loved one, our clients can count on integrity and fairness as our guiding qualities, and we will continue to represent the high standards of generations of rare coin dealers, becoming a major presence in rare coins worldwide.

Joe Palmieri

AT9A9609-300x300With over 25 years in business, Joe is well versed in causing professional results and has been the guiding force in the founding and success of 8 companies over that time. He has over 15 years of numismatic experience as well, and has been trained by masters in this industry.

While Joe attributes his success to understanding the bones of running a business, he admits that his specialized numismatic expertise, and customer service orientation, have contributed in launching him to the top of his game. In addition to US coins, he has vast experience in ancient and foreign coins, as well as exonumia and paper money, areas that are part of his essential focus at Beantown Coins.

Joe is also a current member of many well-known organizations including Landmark Worldwide and the Freemasons, as well as being a bronze medal athlete in the state of Massachusetts.