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You heard it here first, and it’s a fact. If you collect coins, you can gain more Coin Collectors Guide strength than you would have ever believed. This is not just a workout plan that helps you burn calories and add muscle. It’s a real life guide for dropping pounds, getting in shape and building a respectable coin collection in the process.

Coins come in all sizes and the valuations Coin Collectors Guide can vary from less than a dollar to more than a million dollars. Ten million in actuality for the most expensive ever sold as of this date. Some are very light, weighing a mere 1.67 grams, or just over 1/20th of a troy ounce, while the modern America the Beautiful bullion coins weigh a full 5 troy ounces. If you buy bullion, you likely know a Monster Box of American Silver Eagles weighs about 35 pounds avoirdupois (as opposed to about 42 pounds Troy).

Greek legends tell the stories of Milo of Croton, a 6th Century BC wrestler who was a six time Olympic champion. Legends say he carried his own bronze statue to its place of display at the base of Mt. Olympus. It is said that Milo built his incredible strength through Coin Collectors Guide a simple, but profound strategy. One day, a calf was born near Milo’s home (in southern Italy). The wrestler decided to lift the small animal up and carry it on his shoulders. The next day, he returned and did the same, carrying the animal around a stadium track several times daily. Milo continued this strategy every day for the next four years, hoisting the calf onto his shoulders each day as it grew, until he was no longer lifting a calf, but a fully grown four-year-old bull. That roughly equates to a growth from 70-90 pounds at birth to 2,200 pounds at four years, generally. i

Coin Collectors Guide Crotonii

That’s pretty similar to the way many Coin Collectors Guide are built. Adding a coin at a time, acquisition after acquisition, building it gradually over time. After many years we have assembled a significant assortment, often acquiring every date and mint mark in a coin series. Then moving on to the next series and gaining strength of numismatic collectibles until its grown equivalently to the size of a four year old bull. Metaphorically speaking.

Taking a lesson from Milo, were we to carry around our collections of coins and bullion as it grew, we would not only have great strength, but substantial collections. The gaining of strength would be impressive, especially when hoisting our monster boxes repeatedly rather than just leaving them in the safe, the closet or a safe deposit box.

proper lifting Coin Collectors Guide

Realistically though, having a strategy for collecting is really important, very much like having a strength building program. If we only buy randomly, we might have a nice coin here and a nice coin there, but would it build into a collection of significant worth?

When building a collection you need to start small with an eye to the future. You won’t find and probably can’t afford to buy everything you want all at once. In fact, once you get the bug you’ll realize you’ll never be able to buy all the coins you like or want. There’s too much, it’s too expensive, and it’s not nearly as much fun.

Following this basic strategy will help you achieve your goals, and its nearly identical to strength building strategies that gradually, over time and with regularity and discipline, will guide you to success achieving your goals.

1. Start small. Be reasonable in your purchases. Don’t spend large amounts of money on coins you’re not familiar with. Take the time to learn a series by reading books, looking at as many of the coins in the series as you can, and become thoroughly familiar with it. Over time you will gain knowledge, familiarize yourself with attributions and key dates, and learn quality. Once you have obtained a respectable Coin Collectors Guide familiarity and knowledge about a series, you will be better able to determine value, rarity and quality.

2. Don’t miss buying opportunities. Be consistent in your collecting. By this I mean you must try and attend every show that comes around, but not necessarily buy ever coin you find. The more shows or shops you visit, the more coins pass before your eyes, and the greater the opportunity to find what you want. Regularity and consistency of shopping, as any shop-a-holic will tell you, is the key to their success. Also, and without question, the more coins you look at the better your eye will become. It’s an experiential progression.

3. Increase your acquisitions gradually. Improve as you build. If you’re serious about building a complete series or collection, slow and steady is the key to success. Wait for the right coin to come along rather than just buying one at the first opportunity. There is usually, if not always going to be another better more expensive coin that you want. Be patient and disciplined Coin Collectors Guide in your search. You can trade up grade by grade as you find and can afford to buy the coins you seek.

Coin Collectors Guide OL Lifteriii

Now, onto the weight loss part of coin collecting. If you are truly aggressive, the more you spend on your collection, the less money you have for other things. That means for many of us being frugal in our other purchasing practices. You’ll find yourself avoiding Starbucks and the $4 Latte coffee’s. Maybe you’ll start buying the Kroger brand of canned Tuna and skip the fancy sandwich at Whole Foods. The more you run around  looking at coins, the more calories you burn simply due to your increased activity level. In reality Coin Collectors Guide you can avoid the growth of what I refer to as the “coin dealer belly”. These physical profiles are quite common and evident at major shows on shop owners and dealers who sit and wait for coins to walk in being offered for sale. Actively seeking out coins and spending on nice material both burns off the pounds, as well as a hole in your wallet. Both are conducive to weight loss.

Then of course, there’s the stress factor, another weight loss consideration. If you have a spouse, you may feel some added pressure with regard to your spending. Stress causes anxiety. Anxiety leads to appetite loss. Loss of appetite means eating less and ultimately translates to weight loss.

Reducing your stress level is quite simple however. Doing positive things for ourselves helps accomplish this, and buying nice coins achieves this result. It may seem like a vicious cycle, but all in all, a nice collection with greater worth is the end result. Not to mention increased strength and a slimmer waist line.

Evolution of man Coin Collectors Guide fitness

Playing “show and tell” with your collection means hauling it to every event and function. That replicates Milo’s carrying of the Bull, in this case perhaps Bull-ion. Fear not being robbed or an attack by some devious thief. A quick bash over the head with a Dansco album of your nearly complete collection of Morgan dollars will deter most any criminal.

Slimming down through Coin Collectors Guide means in reality being selective about your purchases. You don’t need the extra pounds of inferior coins. Take the time to be selective about what coins you keep, and start to sell or trade excess, duplicate or lower quality material that is just taking up space. We all have some filler material, coins that really have little eye appeal or value that we use simply to fill a hole in an album or space in a folder. Thinning the herd so to speak will slenderize your bulk material, your albums will weigh less and you will generate some extra cash for that coin you really want so you can more easily afford it when it becomes available.

Milo statue Coin Collectors Guideiv

In summary, coin collecting can be a multi-purpose activity, increasing Coin Collectors Guide wealth and physical well being all at the same time. So be like Milo, and maintain an active but disciplined program to achieve your collecting goals.

Happy Coin Collecting.

©2016 Allan Schein

All rights reserved

 i How to Build Muscle: Proven Strength Lessons from Milo of Croton by James Clear

 ii Photo source: aristotechnos.wordpress

 iii Photo source; busylifting.com. Modified by Allan Schein for context

 iv Photo source; miloandthecalf.com

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