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Beantown Coins was founded in the Spring of 2011 and officially opened its doors at the end of June. Boston’s Newest Rare Coin Dealer Within two weeks the company created social media marketing as their cornerstone. They are now on Twitter and Facebook and are utilizing them both for viral expansion and promotion, offering exclusives, free downloads, group coupons and even a sweepstakes.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) July 14, 2011 Boston’s Newest Rare Coin Dealer

Beantown Coins was founded in the spring of 2011. Their doors officially opened at the end of June and they will continue their Grand Opening promotions Boston’s Newest Rare Coin Dealer throughout the month of July 2011. They specialize in US rare coins, business and proof strikes, raw uncertified and NGC/PCGS certified coins. Collectors looking for a rare coin, whether a type coin or collector coin, will find some hard sought rarities in their inventory. The Boston’s Newest Rare Coin Dealer is now on Facebook and Twitter. Beantown Coins will soon begin a focused Twitter campaign, according to manager, Joe Palmieri, and as their Facebook wall posts get tweeted, they antcipate their Twitter Followers and Facebook Fans will duplicate. When asked how they are using these new social media platforms, Mr. Palmieri had this to say, “We’re using Twitter like a giant loudspeaker and as an easy way for the public to “subscribe” to our updates. Facebook is truly versatile and thanks to Apps from North Social, we can sell coins directly on Facebook, offer a Sweepstakes, and even offer Fan Exclusives, all while making it easy for people to share the experience Boston’s Newest Rare Coin Dealer with a friend.” Hoping their company can go viral, the team at Beantown Coins plan to bring their traditional values and a legacy of integrity to a much larger scale. They believe Boston’s Newest Rare Coin Dealer  that the internet gives them the opportunity to reach collectors from all over the world, and that the more serious and dedicated collectors will come back to browse their stock often.

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