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Scary good deals this Halloween at Beantown Coins!

Thanks for your business!  This Halloween here in Beantown we’re featuring some frighteningly good prices on our inventory. In addition to our recently reduced, scary low prices, we are offering 5% additional savings on purchases between now and Halloween. This offer is only for previous customers like yourself and is valid only on purchases outside of eBay.

You can always find helpful articles and videos on our site and our social media pages such as Youtube and Facebook.

Please follow the links above and “like” us wherever you have a social media account. Also, be sure to check out our inventory often, as it changes several times per month, and explore some of our featured listings below! Act now, our coins are “screaming” out the door!

Click Here to Visit our Ebay Store

Cheers from Beantown!

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Beantown Coins, Boston’s Newest Rare Coin Website, is Now Open for Business

Beantown Coins

Beantown Coins is having their grand opening! was conceived in spring of 2011 by one of Boston’s leading coin dealers. With over 30 years of experience, David Leventhal, formerly of J.J. Teaparty, Boston’s oldest and largest dealer, has chosen to expand his business online. Beantown Coins offers a wide selection of coins, extremely competitive pricing, and a social media experience that sets us apart from our competitors. Our inventory includes deeply discounted circulated, mint state and proof type coins, many at temporary grand opening prices.

 Boston, MA (PRWEB) June 30, 2011 Beantown Coins

Beantown Coins is now open for business. They’re the newest rare coin dealers in America covering early copper, small and large cents, 2-cent and 3-cent pieces, nickels, half-dimes, dimes, quarters, 20-cent pieces, half dollars, dollars, gold coins and more. They will also be expanding further into classic commemorates and world coins as well in the coming weeks. Their prices are temporarily slashed, they’re inventory is expanding every week, and they are offering collectors a social media and customer service experience not found elsewhere.

As a newly founded company, Beantown Coins is looking to establish customer relationships throughout the coin collecting community. In an effort to begin dealing with new customers they offer top dollar for coins that they buy from the general public, when people sell coins. They will also consider further discounts on some of their inventory upon request, so make them an offer.

According to founder David Leventhal, “Beantown Coins will quickly grow in size and stature throughout the coin collecting universe because we will look to incorporate the modern joys of social networking with the classic thrills of coin collecting, the king of hobbies and the hobby of kings.”

Call Us Today BeanTown Coins 

180 Old Colony Road, Quincy, MA 02171
(857) 294-7820

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Beantown Coins Now Makes Housecalls Within The Greater Boston Area

Beantown Coins Greater Boston Area

In order to rapidly expand its inventory, Beantown Coins, Boston’s newest rare coin dealer, is now making housecalls within the Beantown Coins Greater Boston Area. The experienced team at Beantown will travel, within these limits, in order to purchase coins, bullion, and even fine jewelry from the public.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) August 23, 2011 Beantown Coins Greater Boston Area

Beantown Coins, Boston’s newest rare coin dealer, now makes Beantown Coins Greater Boston Area housecalls. In order to expand their inventory rapidly, the Beantown Coins representatives will now travel within the Greater Boston area to make purchases from the general public. The new dealers will not travel with company inventory, but instead will continue to list their inventory on the company’s website:, enabling customers to buy coins online. Customers will also continue to be able to sell coins online via their web contact form and according to the company terms and conditions.

The professional graders at Beantown Coins Greater Boston Area area according to the estimated size of the lot. Potential sales estimated to be less than $100 in total will not qualify for housecalls. For larger lots, the larger the estimated sale, the farther they will travel beyond the standard area. In addition to rare coins, the Beantown Coins Greater Boston Area representatives are also authorized to purchase fine jewelry and bullion, which is gold and silver coins without rarity and grade premium. Bullion prices can change dramatically throughout the day so all offers to purchase bullion must be accepted or declined immediately.

The company expects to expand their inventory at an even faster rate with this new promotion. According to company manager Joe Palmieri, “Many people have been waiting for precious metal prices like these for years, and some are unable, perhaps through work conflicts or due to disability, to travel extensively to hunt for the best prices for their collections. As a new company we know we’re offering Beantown Coins Greater Boston Area better prices than our competitors because we have to, and we know of no one else doing this.”

Call Us Today BeanTown Coins

180 Old Colony Road, Quincy, MA 02171
(857) 294-7820

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Boston’s Newest Rare Coin Dealer, Doubles its Budget for its HouseCalls Program to Buy Gold and Silver Coins From the Public in the Greater Boston Area

Boston Rare Coin Dealer

Boston Rare Coin Dealer,, is increasing its budget  for purchasing from the public, two fold. The company already makes Beantown Coins HouseCalls in the greater Boston area, and they’re getting  a tremendous response. They can now make much larger purchases per visit as well.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) September 16, 2011 Boston Rare Coin Dealer

Boston’s newest rare coin dealer,, doubles its budget for its HouseCalls Program to buy gold coins and silver coins from the public in the greater Boston area. The company already makes Boston Rare Coin Dealer  and they’re getting a tremendous response. They can now make much larger purchases per visit as well. With gold making new highs this summer, many people have decided to sell parts of their collections, and for safety, many prefer a home visit too.

Few other coin dealers in the Boston area will make Boston Rare Coin Dealer as freely, as, as the company has no retail presence. According to co-founder David Leventhal, a retail location may be in the company’s future Boston Rare Coin Dealer, but for now, the staff at Beantown can make HouseCalls exclusively. The company would like to note that coins may be sold at greater distances through a process found at, and that select pieces of inventory will always be available for purchase online on their site.

Beantown Coins regularly purchases United States and foreign gold and silver coins, and as specialists in rare US coins, the company can pay top dollar for coins of greater scarcity and quality. Commonly customers sell gold coins such as US Gold Liberties and Eagles, British Sovereigns, and Canadian Maple Leafs. The popular Boston Rare Coin Dealer silver sales include pre-1965 US silver currency, ranging from bullion to mint condition. These include Morgan Silver Dollars, Peace Dollars, Franklin and Walking Liberty Half Dollars, and any coins from the Barber and Standing and Seated Liberty Series.

The company believes that their HouseCalls approach is a winner. Co-Founder and Manager Joe Palmieri said, “Many people think gold and silver have had it, others just need to sell for personal reasons. We’re getting a great response from our HouseCalls program, and we decided it was time to expand it.”

The company believes that many people just don’t feel as safe carrying  their valuables around Boston Rare Coin Dealer, and they may be right. According to one customer, Christopher Chronis, “I didn’t want to travel into the city with my gold. I felt this would be safer, and their prices were fair and reasonable.”

Call Us Today BeanTown Coins

180 Old Colony Road, Quincy, MA 02171
(857) 294-7820

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Beantown Coins, Boston’s Newest Rare Coin Dealer, Has Entered The Social Universe. The Newly Minted Company Is Now On Twitter And Facebook

Boston's Newest Rare Coin Dealer

Beantown Coins was founded in the Spring of 2011 and officially opened its doors at the end of June. Boston’s Newest Rare Coin Dealer Within two weeks the company created social media marketing as their cornerstone. They are now on Twitter and Facebook and are utilizing them both for viral expansion and promotion, offering exclusives, free downloads, group coupons and even a sweepstakes.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) July 14, 2011 Boston’s Newest Rare Coin Dealer

Beantown Coins was founded in the spring of 2011. Their doors officially opened at the end of June and they will continue their Grand Opening promotions Boston’s Newest Rare Coin Dealer throughout the month of July 2011. They specialize in US rare coins, business and proof strikes, raw uncertified and NGC/PCGS certified coins. Collectors looking for a rare coin, whether a type coin or collector coin, will find some hard sought rarities in their inventory. The Boston’s Newest Rare Coin Dealer is now on Facebook and Twitter. Beantown Coins will soon begin a focused Twitter campaign, according to manager, Joe Palmieri, and as their Facebook wall posts get tweeted, they antcipate their Twitter Followers and Facebook Fans will duplicate. When asked how they are using these new social media platforms, Mr. Palmieri had this to say, “We’re using Twitter like a giant loudspeaker and as an easy way for the public to “subscribe” to our updates. Facebook is truly versatile and thanks to Apps from North Social, we can sell coins directly on Facebook, offer a Sweepstakes, and even offer Fan Exclusives, all while making it easy for people to share the experience Boston’s Newest Rare Coin Dealer with a friend.” Hoping their company can go viral, the team at Beantown Coins plan to bring their traditional values and a legacy of integrity to a much larger scale. They believe Boston’s Newest Rare Coin Dealer  that the internet gives them the opportunity to reach collectors from all over the world, and that the more serious and dedicated collectors will come back to browse their stock often.

Call Us Today BeanTown Coins

180 Old Colony Road, Quincy, MA 02171 (857) 294-7820

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Beantown Coins For Sale

Beantown Coins has added some of their best rare coins to their Facebook and eBay stores. Customers can now find through their Facebook page, and can even find them and their inventory while searching Beantown Coins For Sale through the millions of listings on eBay.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) July 28, 2011 Beantown Coins For Sale

Beantown Coins now sells inventory directly on Facebook and eBay.

You can access their Facebook page by searching ‘Beantown Coins’ on Some of their best Beantown Coins For Sale rare coins are being listed directly on the Beantown Coins Facebook Page, including rainbow toned Morgan silver dollars, a scarce proof type rare coin or two, and even some coins that are key dates in a collector’s series.

The Facebook page has other Beantown Coins For Sale functional features, including a group coupon, an exclusive download, live access to their twitter feed, and coming soon, a sweepstakes for free Beantown Coins merchandise. This is all in addition to a limited inventory listed directly on the Facebook Page.

The coin dealer has also listed a selection of their inventory on The prices are adjusted to include fees for eBay and Paypal and the management at is hopeful that the increased Beantown Coins For Sale exposure will lead customers directly to their site at, where customers can sell coins, and receive even steeper discounts than on eBay.

Call Us Today BeanTown Coins

180 Old Colony Road, Quincy, MA 02171
(857) 294-7820

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Beantown Coins offers Grand Opening promotional deals and discounts on rare coins

Beantown Coins, America’s newest coin dealers, are offering steep Grand Opening discounts. In an effort to help quickly expand their inventory, Beantown Coins has increased the levels that they pay when buying coins from the public by over 25%. Also, in order to establish life-long customer relationships, Beantown Coins is considering all of their already low prices to be negotiable.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) June 30, 2011

Beantown Coins is a newly established rare coin website. Their founder, David Leventhal (formerly of J.J. Teaparty, Boston’s oldest and largest coin dealers) has over 30 years of numismatic experience. David has decided to reach out with a new web presence online, and was born. He brings an already established reputation as a sharp grader and trustworthy wholesaler to his “newly minted” online coin retail enterprise.

In an effort to quickly expand their inventory and establish a web presence, they have recently increased the levels they’ll pay when buying from the public by over 25%. According to manager Joe Palmieri, “We believe that the dependability and integrity with which we operate, and the Beantown Community will keep new customers coming back forever.” The founder of Beantown Coins, David Leventhal, gained his experience while employed at J.J. Teaparty. The founder of J.J. Teaparty, when asked what he thought about Beantown’s newest promotion, said, “Their prices were low already. They must really want to get the word out that they’re here, and they’re staying.”

To further aid in welcoming “coinies” to Beantown, for a limited time Beantown Coins will consider their list prices to be negotiable. Find an item # and contact them with your offer. Feel free to browse their inventory often, as it changes weekly.

Now Accepts Paypal As Payment On Orders Of Rare Coins On Their Website,

Beantown Coins, Boston’s newest rare coin dealer, now accepts Paypal in addition to all major credit cards, on orders placed on their site, The company continues to conduct business on Ebay as well.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) September 23, 2011

Boston’s newest rare coin dealers,, now accepts Paypal as a method of payment for orders on their site, as well as on Ebay. The company continues to accept all major credit cards on the website as well.

According to company co-founder and manager Joe Palmieri, “Many people are very comfortable using Paypal for all of their online transactions because of the protections provided.”

The company sells rare silver and gold coins. Gold coins include US Gold Liberties and Eagles, British Sovereigns, and Canadian Maple Leafs among others. The popular silver coins include pre-1965 US silver currency, ranging from bullion to mint condition; coins such as Morgan Silver Dollars, Peace Dollars, Franklin and Walking Liberty Half Dollars, and any coins from the Barber Series and Standing Liberty and Seated Liberty Series.

Veteran’s Day Sale, Offering 10% Off All Merchandise For The Entire Veteran’s Day Weekend

Boston, Massachusetts (PRWEB) November 11, 2011

Beantown Coins, Boston’s newest rare coin dealers, is having a Veteran’s Day Blowout Sale. The company is offering 10% off of all merchandise this weekend only. The offer extends from the start of business on Friday morning, to the close of business on Sunday Evening.

Beantown Coins sells gold and silver bullion as well as rare US gold, silver, and copper coins with numismatic value.

At checkout enter coupon code: vets10

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