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Beantown Coins has added some of their best rare coins to their Facebook and eBay stores. Customers can now find through their Facebook page, and can even find them and their inventory while searching Beantown Coins For Sale through the millions of listings on eBay.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) July 28, 2011 Beantown Coins For Sale

Beantown Coins now sells inventory directly on Facebook and eBay.

You can access their Facebook page by searching ‘Beantown Coins’ on Some of their best Beantown Coins For Sale rare coins are being listed directly on the Beantown Coins Facebook Page, including rainbow toned Morgan silver dollars, a scarce proof type rare coin or two, and even some coins that are key dates in a collector’s series.

The Facebook page has other Beantown Coins For Sale functional features, including a group coupon, an exclusive download, live access to their twitter feed, and coming soon, a sweepstakes for free Beantown Coins merchandise. This is all in addition to a limited inventory listed directly on the Facebook Page.

The coin dealer has also listed a selection of their inventory on The prices are adjusted to include fees for eBay and Paypal and the management at is hopeful that the increased Beantown Coins For Sale exposure will lead customers directly to their site at, where customers can sell coins, and receive even steeper discounts than on eBay.

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